News and Events - 2020

Writing Seminars

Facebook Live - June 2020
Facebook Live - July 2020

Terry's Free Writing Seminars

In June and

July of 2020

I hosted, on

Facebook Live,

a series of

very basic

writing seminars.


Novel Writing

101 if you will.

These seminars generally run 30 to 40 minutes in length. The topics are some of the first things I learned as a novice writer.

Most of the information I've shared in these seminars is material I learned in Writing Seminars over the years.

Since Writing Seminars are generally no longer functioning - at least for the foreseeable future - I'm hoping these seminars may be valuable to others beginning on their writer's journey.

The Brotherhood Conspiracy

When Jerusalem’s Temple Mount is turned into a smoldering crater, both Jews and Arabs lose an irreplaceable site of inestimable significance. While Israel puts into play a plan to claim permanent ownership of the Mount by resurrecting a structure as sacred a the Temple, but as old as the Exodus, a revered Islamic Imam steps out of the shadows of history to wrest control of key Muslim factions and unite all Arabs under one worldwide banner. American Tom Bohannon and his loose-knit cadre of scien

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