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Final Cover - Persian Betrayal - 2-4-20.

Available Now Online and in Stores

Persian Betrayal

When the Hurva synagogue in Jerusalem is destroyed by explosions, burying the Vilna Gaon’s second prophecy and the deadly box that protected it, the answers to DSS Regional Security Officer Brian Mullaney’s desperate questions are crushed under tons of concrete: what is the meaning of the centuries old coded prophecy; why are he and Ambassador Cleveland the continued target of relentless murderers; and how can he avert a nuclear arms race between three ascendant empires of the past.

An other-worldly servant of iniquity, The Turk, not only maneuvers an intricate plot intended to undermine prophecy and change the ending of the Bible, but he is also determined to prevent Mullaney and Cleveland from thwarting this scheme – whatever the cost. The Ishmael Covenant, the hope for peace in the Middle East, is on life support as much as Mullaney's career.

Wounded in a bloody shootout, his best friend killed in a trap set by the Disciples, evil appears to be winning the ultimate struggle. Despite angelic intervention, Mullaney resists his final assignment … Guardian of mankind’s hope.

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