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Final Cover - Ottoman Dominion - 2-4-20.

Ottoman Dominion

Will the Man With the Yellow Eyes Change the End of the Bible?

Malevolently evil, the Turk and his master, The One, are on the verge of unleashing their plot for nuclear domination of the Middle East - a plot that will negate the Biblical prophecy surrounding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

They will change the end of the Bible - and change the outcome of the Battle of Armageddon.

Brian Mullaney has only one chance to thwart their plot. And that is to voluntarily go into the lair of the beast - with the one weapon that could ensure their plot's success.

In the "simply riveting ... suspense thriller" style that has propelled the story thus far, the EMPIRES OF ARMAGEDDON series hurtles to a conclusion in its final chapter, Ottoman Dominion.

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