A Declaration Prayer for Peace

I heard an example once - and I hope I get this right. There are ten blue socks and ten green socks in a drawer. How many do you need to take out of the drawer to ensure that you have a matching pair?


Any three. Two will be the same and one will be different.

We live in a very fractured time. On this important day and, many believe, for a whole lot of the days to come, this nation of “threes” – two of one mind, one of another – faces a critical moment in our history.

We’re divided. And much more stridently divided than socks. If I listen, it appears a vast majority of us believes that we are in danger of evil overcoming our nation, taking this Republic hostage.

Doesn’t matter which side is which. I want to urge you to pray for our nation.

We, all of us, have the ability to pray and ask God for his intervention in our lives and in the life of our country. As a Christian, I believe I can pray … ask … and Jesus has the power to exert his influence in my life, in the world around me.

The other day, I was praying and writing in my journal. And this is part of what came to my heart. These words have no political motivation or agenda. Just a hope agenda.

If any of us are dreading that evil may take dominion over our nation, each of us can declare a prayer – “that God will rescue, defend, deny and defeat: rescue our nation from the evil intentions of darkness.”

There is evil in the world. At times it seems like it is all around us. And evil, in whatever its shape or form, has an agenda. It wants to rule. We have the right, the freedom, to pray against all evil. “To defend and not only deny … but defeat every rule and authority, power and dominion of darkness” trying to steal, rob and destroy in our nation.

We can pray to defeat evil.

“What happens when evil is defeated? It is unarmed, rendered powerless, and occupied by the forces of righteousness. Each generation must fight this battle to maintain the light.”

Today it is my turn – your turn, if you agree – to declare to this present day that, in the name of God, evil must flee. Declare in authority. And pray for our nation.

The Brotherhood Conspiracy

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