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And So We Begin:

Get to the action.

Enter in the middle of a scene.

Tension on every page.

Show, don't tell.

Those are the rules. So, here we go.


This blog will be predominantly about some of the most important things in my life: my faith walk; my family and about writing fiction. It will likely start out more about writing - about some of the rules of writing fiction; about the life of a writer; and about whatever is happening at the moment in the life of this author.

I will also use this blog to provide "additional content" that I have been gleaning from the process of writing the six books that I've so far had published by Kregel Publications. Until now, this "additional content" has only been available through a newsletter I provide to people who subscribe to my website, or to those readers who responded to my free offers at the end of the books of the EMPIRES OF ARMAGEDDON series.

Over the course of this blog's life, I'll be offering some of this "additional content" to a broader audience, but only well after that content has been delivered to those who originally requested it.

There are things I intend to present in a 'serialized' format ... short stories; deeper dives into some of the "real" people, organizations and global situations that are mentioned in my Author's Notes at the end of each book - content that is too long for one blog post but that will be segmented into more bite-size chunks for easier consumption.

And I'll also be posting the content of a series of writing seminars that I've hosted in 2020. There will be video links to the seminars, as well - as long as I can figure out how to do it.

I've been telling myself ... and my publisher ... for months that I'm going to start a blog. But, just as it takes me a long time to write a book, sometimes it just takes a long time to get started on something new.

But, here we are. Blog Post #1. Memorable so far, right?



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